Our Collection

Our Patience Gin collection is inspired by the changing seasons, with four tailoured blends that capture the fresh growth of Spring, the sun-soaked zest of Summer, the rich fruitfulness of Autumn and the spiced chill of Winter. We have designed each blend to be savoured in the heart of each season, though they will taste just as good at any time of the year! Each release is made with hand-selected botanicals, harvested at their seasonal best. Only 100 bottles make up each unique batch of Patience Gin. This focus on quality over quantity allows us to take our time getting the very best out of each botanical – picking at the right time, distilling individually at dedicated low temperatures and hand-blending to find that perfect harmony of flavour. Select ingredients are even home-grown by us so that we have a hand in nurturing their flavour, from seedling to first sip. We believe this is what it takes to create truly exceptional spirits.

Spring Gin

Patience Spring Gin is a crisp, bright dry gin that evokes the first flush of seasonal growth. Fragrant lime, tender rhubarb shoots and sweet spring wildflower honeycomb are elevated with a twist of sea salt to give our Spring Gin a clean mineral finish.

Master medal winner at The Spirits Business Global Gin Masters 2024.


Summer Gin

Our Summer Gin is inspired by a sun-drenched Mediterranean garden. Rich and ripe citrus aromas are married with mint, marjoram and other hand-picked seasonal botanicals to give that perfect pop of summer flavour.

Gold medal winner at The Spirits Business Global Gin Masters 2023.


Autumn Gin

Our Autumn Gin is rich and fruity. The season of laden hedgerows, harvests and darkening nights, it's a time for slowing down and savouring the labours of the summer months. Hand-selected berries and a hint of spice contribute to this delicious blend of botanicals.


Winter Gin

Our Winter Gin is a full-bodied dry gin inspired by crisp winter days. We’ve married clementine and classic seasonal spices to create a fruit forward gin with a peppery finish, complemented by toasted hazelnuts for a beautifully smooth mouthfeel.

Gold medal winner at The London Spirits Competition 2024.